There is always stuff in your mouth.  You eat microbes all the time.  Maybe that’s where the chicken taste comes from.  Not from chicken.

Collect your saliva at different times of the day.  Taste it exactly 12 hours later.  Keep a log of your findings.  You will need to develop an excellent vocabulary of taste to distinguish between your findings.  If you are experimenting with a friend, be careful not to swap samples.  If you are experimenting with a friend, consider whether you are the ethical person you always believed yourself to be.  Anyone can excuse themselves, but would you excuse yourself if you were someone else?  Hmm?

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  2. Huy Le says:

    Probably the weirdest blog I’ve encountered so far. Keep up the good work, mate.

  3. leneatiengo says:

    Don’t forget to put the saliva in the refrigerator! To keep the microbes alive but inactive enough so the saliva doesn’t go bad!

  4. Tilly Bud says:

    Okay, all I can say about this is, eeeeewwww!

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