I tried out homeopathy to see if it tasted like chicken.  The homeopath explained to me that water has a memory of that which it contained, of that with which it had been in contact.  I was worried that the water may have illicit memories.  She said not to worry, that she used distilled water.  I asked if that was like amnesiac water.  She said, after hesitating a moment, yes it was.  I wondered then if all of its memories had been wiped, if it retained the original memory of coming to earth, as part of a barrage of ice comets that over millions of years filled the oceans.  Or earlier memories, of travelling through space, out through the Oort cloud in the real back of beyond.  George Orwell commented that everyone in Europe had atoms from Julius Caesar in their bodies.  The memories each molecule of water must have.  Do the hydrogen and oxygen atoms themselves have memories, or does matter only start remembering when it turns into water.  Can it remember back to its formation, coming into being from vast cosmic clouds, energy becoming matter.

If it did, I couldn’t taste it.  It was just water.  If it had been anywhere near a chicken, it wasn’t telling.

(Maybe thats what the flavour of water is – everything.)

(Do not despair, tinned spaghetti on toast is coming!)

  1. Marc Moor says:

    In the modern world not even chicken tastes like chicken.

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