Tears of a Clown, no longer easily obtained at my local bottle shop, does not taste like chicken.  Other products tested this week which do not taste like chicken include:

  • Cup of gall (also, cup of bitter gall)
  • Cup of bile
  • Vale of tears
  • Knuckle thanwich
  • Revenge (served hot or cold)
  • Heart of my enemy (bloody tough, and bloody)
  • Heart in my throat
  • Heart of stone (tasted like stone)
  • Blood, sweat and tears (lots of crying here in Glossolalia recently, apparently)
  • Total war
  • War on Terror
  • War on drugs
  • Class War (separate report is here.)
  • War on Poverty (I doubt this has really been tested)
  • Ebony and Ivory living together in perfect harmony (tasted like piano and ham)
  • None of your beeswax (tasted nothing like beeswax)
  • Gigantor (tastes like space age robot)

Unfortunately, separate reports are only available where indicated.

Next time, we shall look at salad.  Doesn’t that sound interesting?

  1. Smedette says:

    So….you went to a WAL-MART on Black Friday?

  2. Ha!

    Having nothing to be thankful for and thus having no officially mandated day of Thanksgiving here, our equivalent are Boxing Day sales, with stores opening at 5am and news crews positioned inside to film people being crushed as the doors open. It is always entertaining to watch on TV, and there is always someone lying on the ground, dazed. I’ve never tried it myself, not that I’m any less of a materialistic consumer than anyone else (actually, I hope I am, a little bit), but I could never bring myself to get up that early the day after Christmas, especially to go shopping.

Scientists, I am ready for your peer review:

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