No don’t be disgusting, I am not advocating that you eat insects, that would be gross and it is not what your mate my mate Joe Chip is about.

We have all of course at one time or another wished that we were insects.  Who has not wanted to be a cockroach with the ability to run under the fridge, or to be a fly mindlessly belting time and again against a window?  A slater rolled in a ball, a moth struggling in a web.  It is only human nature to desire such a thing.

Given this overwhelming urge to become a six legged invertebrate, why not take it that one step further and adopt the insect diet.  It is more insectophile than insectivore.  No diet could be more ethical, than to eat what is just lying around and going to waste anyway.  It is only our prissiness holding us back.  Don’t be square.  Throw off your bourgeois shackles, your antiquated “oh I won’t eat that its rotting and it stinks” mindset, your 1950s Victorian hangups.  This is (almost) the last taboo, and it has to go.  Our children are getting sick because they are not exposed to enough dirt.  Asthma and allergies abound because we have cocooned our kids in protective cradles that crush the creation of their immune systems.

Come on, billions of animals cannot be wrong.  Reduce your carbon footprint to zero.  Embrace excrement.  Desire decomposition.  Revere rot.  Gratify yourself with garbage.  Move over mealworms.  Begone beetles.  Buzz-off bees.  Move on mosquitoes.  Take off termites.  Aroint thee ants.  There is a new biological break down agent in town, and its us.  If an insect eats it, its good for you, and good for the environment.  Devolve now, avoid the rush.

  1. […] of the circumstance that brought us together, I booked a table at The Entomologist, a trendy little insectophile bistro. The food was good, if bland and a little woody, but we both have excellent teeth. She was […]

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