Bread and circuses

Posted: October 25, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Let us stipulate that, except for particular ethnic purposes, bread does not, and should not, taste like chicken.

Moving forward: circuses.  What does a circus taste like?  Sawdust.  Grease.  Old cookers.  Permeation of animals.  Crusty air.  Sweat.

Hold that on your tongue a little longer.  Do not spit or swallow.  There.  What else now?

Blood, yes, of course, of various types.  Tiredness.  Early mornings, late nights.  Shovelling.  Pitching.  Roads, long roads.

Swish it around.  Feel it at the back of your throat.  Be patient, there are further layers.

Entertainment.  Distraction.  Sleight of hand.

And then:  Duty.  Acquiescence.  Wilful blindness.  Ahh.

If your government gives you bread, you eat it.  if your government gives you a circus, you know what you have to do.  If you do not play your role, what is the point of you?  What?  No, that is a silly question.  If you were the princess, you would not be you.  Someone else would be asking that question.  And they would be you, after all.  Silly.

Hey!  Where are you going?  There is still some circus on your plate.  If you don’t eat it all, you won’t get another.  Just teasing.  You can have as many as you like.  Look, something shiny.  Off you go, don’t you worry about your meat and potatoes.  In our house, we always have the dessert first.  There’s seldom a call for anything else after that.

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