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I want to eat bones, I want to be bones.  Skeletons are tough.  People are afraid of them.  Have you ever been on a train when skeletons come through?  Everyone shuffles out of their way, pretending not to look, pretending they can’t see them.  The skeleton crew, with their swords.  Jason and the Argonauts skeletons.  Plant the little knuckle and a skeleton pops up.

Chew bones, need tougher, stronger teeth.  Man must adapt, must evolve.  Grind them grind them, powder in your mouth, the grit between your teeth, but you do not care, you are a bone chewer.  Crack them suck the marrow yum yum and become!  Yes become them, you are what you eat, except the bit you excrete, the nuggets you leave behind, the moisture flowing from skin, everything else makes you up and you are it.  A big stick of bone, a huge splinter caught between your massive neanderthal molars, your cubes of crushingness, pull the splinter, tug it as it screes, grip it and pull and there is blood and you spit, and you chew more bones.  You become plates of stone.  You become insular and polarised, like radiowaves of rock.  Chase you, chase me, chasing skeleton.

Waste nothing, ethical omnivore.  Eat the beasts, eat their faces, eat their organs.  Don’t waste those bones.  Soup is not the answer.  THEY THROW THE SOUP BONE AWAY! Stop them.  Eat the bone.  Become the power of calcium incarnate.  The skin is gone, the sinews chewed, the appendix swallowed, the gall absorbed, the bile consumed.  Now for the skeleton.  You are eating shape, you are eating structure.  IT TASTES LIKE GEOMETRY.  It is maths in your mouth, it is science, it is form, it is engineering, evolutionary design.  You are gorging on deep history, on time.  It fills you and shapes you.  You are jagged edges, you are endo and exo, you are shaped by the winds of time, blown sand blasted into solidity.  Rock man, you are fossils, you are carved out of hillside, you are danger exposed, you are truth and you storm amongst them and they fear you SKELETOR.  Tyrannosaurus rex, boner, Skull boy, slash that sword, it clinks on the stone of you, clink clink.  Knives pass through, or are stopped.  Crunch.

But dogs should not eat chicken bones.

  1. MarissaGF says:

    You weren’t kidding about poetic about bones 🙂

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