I have seen fire eaters, the fire goes in, it does not go out, so it has been proven to me that it can be eaten.  I have not managed to eat it myself.  However, there are many things I have not eaten, which perhaps I should.  I have never swallowed my pride, for example, though it has often been recommended to me.

While I have previously recommended against sunlight, for example, I see fire as falling into a different category.  It is more immediate, and I think it would be crunchier.  It must have something going for it, most of the people I see eating it are rather cool dudes, with impressive tatts and fashionably unkempt hair, who don’t seem to need to work for a living, people just come up and give them money while they are eating their lunch.  It is disconcerting how they expect their consumption to be applauded.  Nobody claps when I am eating a dolphin sandwich.

I have heard it recommended that one should keep on, carrying the fire.  What a convenient way to do it!  And I understand now how driven persons have a fire in their belly.  It must be so they can keep working without stopping to eat.  I don’t imagine there could be karmic problems?  Surely Buddhism could not prohibit eating fire.  Where do Zoroastrians stand on this?  Perhaps Jains see fire as a living thing.  To me though, it seems a rather harmless indulgence that hurts no one.  Indeed, wise parents looking to save money should surely encourage their children to fill themselves with flames from as young an age as possible.

Preferable though I think, would be the ability to expel fire.  The pleasure of being able to breathe out fire over those who annoy one.  What a great delight, to see the momentary (don’t blink or you will miss it) look of surprise on their face.  Thank you, me, for cheering me up.  Of course, I have to admit such an indulgence is not harmless to others, but again of course, that is rather the point.

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