The Coca Cola

Posted: September 5, 2011 in yummy
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I have come across a rather delightful beverage of which you may not have heard.  It is marketed under the title “The Coca Cola”, or similar.  I have found that on a particularly warm day, it is quite refreshing.  It delivers both sugar and caffeine in satisfactory, though unfortunately not overwhelming doses, and has a very interesting carbonated effect, which is good at producing burps.  It soothes an upset stomach, and is a mild tonic for a heavy head, so much that an acquaintance* of mine refers to it as “Black Disprin”.  I immediately leap into a defensive stance and assure you that there are no racial connotations – my acquaintance is a middle class liberal and by definition cannot be bigoted. Indeed, the beverage has a literary heritage.  Anthony Burgess remarked on an arrival in New York “I knew I was going to die”, however “I was revived by delegates of the library conference with quarts of chill Coca-Cola, against which let no man say a word”.^

The Coca-Cola does not taste like chicken.  I was going to remark that it would be rather disgusting for a drink to taste like any sort of meat, however I was reminded of chicken soup, which is, at least in part, drunk, and I have to confess I have been known to enjoy a bowl or two.  And of course, any society hostess worthy of the title greets her guests with the question “Coffee, tea or Bonox?”  Perhaps it was a certain episode of Ren and Stimpy (involving a meat on meat sandwich followed by a cup of obviously steaming offal) which put me off.  I digress.  But I do confirm, The Coca Cola does not taste like chicken.  On the other hand, Pepsi Max does, though a very sugary lemon chicken.

I should add that this blog is in the market for sponsors.  Sponsorship will be tasteful, with no blatant plugs.#


*She was a friend until she discovered the experimentation, and removed herself from the category.+

^Feel free to use this quote if writing a paper on “A Clockwork Orange”.

# No, it is not.  That was a rather laboured attempt at humour.  I apologise.

+ See “Aboot”%

% Only small quantities of completely legal substances were involved, however her equilibrium was easily disturbed.


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