The best diet is a concrete diet.  Ultimately, a diet in the abstract is unfilling.  Of course, that may be what you seek, if you want the modern waif look.  Do not make the mistake of referring to it as a cement diet.  Cement is that which binds, and of course such a diet may be appropriate on occasions, however choose your words carefully so that you do not appear unlearned.  Concrete is not the same as cement.  Concrete is bound aggregate, which is the stuff of the universe.  If you consume enough concrete, eventually you will know where all the bodies are buried, and knowledge is power, as well as a dangerous thing.  Just ask Sticky Eddy, who was not in fact sticky, but rather, stuck a knife in a power point.  He lived, but he did not learn, or rather, he can no longer learn.  Conceptual consumption is all well and good, no actually, it is no good at all, not to anyone, unless you are a virtual person.  In which case, come on, you can do it, you are almost there.  Virtually.  But do you want to be a person?  Think about it carefully.  With personhood comes responsibility, but no spider sense.  And, a requirement to eat.  There is no getting around it.  To live is to consume.  And excrete.  Until one day it ends, and you too are food.  How do you want the worms to judge you?


Scientists, I am ready for your peer review:

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