Posted: August 26, 2011 in new age, tastes like chicken, vegan, vegetarian
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Crocodiles taste like chicken, but that is easily explained.  In captivity, they are only fed chickens, so there you go.  In the wild, they eat zebras and water buffalo, but of course the staple diet of both of those animals is chicken.  (Water buffalo actually eat the ducks that parasitically infest their wallows, but as we all know, “duck” is simply the popular term for marine chicken.)

Plans were afoot by Hare Krishnas to open a zoo.  They intended to house a range of animals, including large carnivores.  They intended to convert lions and tigers, even crocodiles, to a vegetarian diet.  While I am sure they can do wonderful things with tofu these days, the Hare Krishnas were realistic enough to know they would not be able to reverse millions of years of evolution overnight, so they sought to enter arrangements with dairy farmers and other owners of large animals, to use the carcasses for feed if the animals died.  I’m not sure how long the lions could hold on waiting for Daisy to pass away naturally, especially if the local farmers were particularly capable at caring for their stock.  However, the crocodiles could wait a long while.

I do not know what became of these plans (I have a notoriously short attention span), but if you see any shaven headed, saffron clad folk collecting road kill in your vicinity, this may explain it.


Scientists, I am ready for your peer review:

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