HG Wells was right.  Sunlight is for wimps, for plants and other photosynthesizers and their sympathisers who have not had the sense to evolve sturdier systems.  Look at the danger the planet is in.  We need to cover all exposed surfaces with massive arrays of photo-voltaic cells.  The strong can build a new society underground, where it takes will to prevail.  There will always be the fey, the art-fart, the weak.  No one is suggesting cruelty.  They will be free to roam the outer skin of the world, living their unproductive lives, floating about free and unburdened by responsibility, like beautiful fatuous celebrities.  Occasionally we may need to deal with them harshly for recreational purposes, keeping an eye out for any time travelling Rod Taylors or Guy Pearces (what is it with Australians and The Time Machine?), who may seek to interfere (only because they do not understand, if only they understood).  And eventually a Morlock may wonder whether it is sunlight that makes the Eloi flesh taste like … something familiar.

Oh well … one can dream …

  1. seedofjapheth says:

    Humans synthesize vitamin D when they expose their skins to sunlight so sunlight is cool.

  2. Thanking you for your interest. Your comment shall be dealt with scientifically in a later entry on vitamins, once taste testing is completed.

  3. […] sick of plants being our middle man.  Person.  Sorry.  Like with that great social evil, photosynthesis.  Our teeth are made of stern stuff here (stainless steel – we have the technology, we can […]

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