Lets stay with plain old chicken eggs here, because it is the most blatant example.  Eggs do not taste like chicken.  Its amazing, a scientific marvel.  Given all of the things in the world that taste like chicken, eggs do not.

You’ve seen the advertisements.  Eggs for a balanced diet.  Eggs for a healthy breakfast.  Chickens are primitive creatures, very similar in their structure to microbes and trees.  They have only one hole they use for reproduction and waste.  Two things come out of a cloaca, eggs and chicken poo.  Usually they are mixed together.  There is no scientific distinction between eggs and chicken poo.  You want this for breakfast?

But if you must eat eggs, be careful only to eat eggs from chickens kept in safe, controlled conditions, in cages in factories, where the eggs are carefully monitored and protected.  Never, never eat eggs from wild chickens, also called “free range”, which are exposed to nature and all the horrors attendant on that – disease, vermin, filth, excrement, air pollution, and so on.

What came first, the chicken or the egg?  The egg of course, the first chicken egg being dropped from the pooper valve of some even more primitive almost chicken.

That explains it.  Eggs don’t taste like chicken; eggs taste like evolution.


Scientists, I am ready for your peer review:

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